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Pirate Parties International Needs Assessment


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Ahoy Pirates!

Please share this form with those who might wish to share their opinions or be involved in the Pirate movement.

Pirate Parties International is an organization dedicated to assisting the Pirate movement`s individual countries, to work on the global political stage, as well as creating a common stage for learning, mutual support and collaboration. The board of PPI is now reaching out to all our members to get your input on how we should focus our efforts for the next couple of years. 

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. We want all pirates to be heard.

Please provide your email if you would like to receive updates from PPI.

Would you like us to add your email to our secure Registry of Pirate leaders for GA announcements or our PP-Leaders mailing list? 

If you are already registered for the lists, then you can leave this blank.

In case you suspect we are lacking updated contact information for your party, please provide that information here.

Are there any important international issues that you believe the Pirate movement should prioritize?

Are you interested in participating in online video meetings or hangouts with board/committee members? If so, what topics interest your party?

What are the main issues that your party is focusing on?

Are you aware of PPI's online socials every 3 weeks, known as "pirate beer"? Is there anything you would change about it, or do you have any suggestions for how to improve it?

Are you interested in participating in UN ECOSOC events, or are there any specific issues that you would like PPI to promote on your behalf at the UN?

What practical support can PPI give that would be of use to you/your party (i.e. IT support, graphics vault, PR)?

How/where do you currently find information about PPI?

Is there anything else you wish to share with us?